Magnolia Cream Tuberosa


Magnolia Cream Hardy Lily

Magnolia Cream Tuberosa - This vigorous Water Lily originated in the United States, thriving in deep water, lifting its flowers high off of the surface, and spreading rapidly by long tuberous runners. Best planted in 2-3' deep water. Flowers freely during hot summers. They are creamy white, with bright yellow centers. The petals are longer and broader than in any other wild nymphea hardy. Flowers are nearly scentless. They vary from 4 to 5 inches across, and bear larger seeds than most other types. This is a very prolific plant that tolerates mishandling with ease. Great for folks new to pond plants.

This is a strong grower that flowers profusely in full sun. Just remember that water lilies are heavy feeders.
You MUST fertilize sufficiently with pond tabs for best results. Use only non-burning fertilizer.
Young water lilies need a lot of sun. Clear shallow water provides the greatest amount of light. 
Always start lilies as close to the surface as possible. A few inches under water is perfect.
Then as the pads spread widely, begin dropping the pot lower, keeping all pads on the water surface.
We grow ours with just enough water over the pots to allow the pads to always lay flat on the surface.

Try this, you will be very happy with the results..

You will receive a well rooted, young plant that is already developing Lily pads.
This plant will flower in the first season with sufficient sun and proper fertilization.

We recommend immediate re-positioning into a bucket filled with water, in light shade, until the plant(s) can be conveniently prepared for your water garden.