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Dick & Ailyn Wilson
Crystal River, Florida 34465

Welcome to our Water Garden and Pond Plant site.

We will do everything in our power to satisfy you, the customer.

You are sincerely appreciated.

Our rules are simple, "Keep it simple". We aim to please.

What we know will be listed. If you have additional questions, send an email and we will try to answer as soon as possible, however, don't wait till the last minute and expect us to be sitting at the computer. We are a business and rarely is there anyone here to check email over the weekends or holidays.

Our normal shipping for live plants is via Priority Mail, and dry goods usually go via First Class Mail up to 8 pounds and UPS Ground for larger packages. We will gladly adjust the S&H and send via another method or carrier like Parcel Post, Media Mail, UPS or FEDEX. Insurance is included on UPS and FedEx and is available as an option on mailings, usually for $1.50 per fifty dollars of value. If you do not specifically request insurance, our responsibility ends when we drop it at the carrier. A bucks worth of insurance buys a lot of "peace of mind". It is definitely recommended for items over $15.

All live pond and aquaria will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday via Priority Mail to assure fresh delivery. If your payment reaches us after Tuesday afternoon, your items will wait for shipment till the following Monday unless you make special delivery arrangements. The heat can quickly cook any packages of plants left in the sun. If your mailman leaves packages at your door it is YOUR responsibility to arrange for their proper handling. Leave a note to have your package left with a neighbor if you will not be home.

If you live in the area, you are welcome to come by and see our plants. Please call ahead, as we are not always around. (602) 369-5522

We also sell some plants on eBay and Craigslist and possibly other sites. Our prices are lower if purchased directly because we are not paying extra for online fees.

If you pay for insurance, you are covered for the amount that you paid regardless of the presence of an insurance slip. We try to be careful, but sometimes we mess up and insure the wrong envelope. In such a case, we assume the insurance personally and will cover the loss out of our own pockets. We do the best that we can to ship via the most expeditious means available. However, no adjustments will be made for differences in postage or insurance premiums after the item leaves our shop. i.e. If we choose to send an item via another means to keep from standing in a line for 30 minutes, we will do so. If only one method is acceptable to you, it must be agreed upon BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Don't assume! Shipping and Handling (S&H) means a FIXED charge is agreed upon before the auction. We won't charge more if additional postage is required, and won't refund any variations either. If you feel that you need to add up the stamps and complain about pennies after bidding on a fixed S&H, please go away. Don't laugh, it actually happened. Then she climbed on her broomstick and left a negative feedback, claiming that a few pennies are important to her. We've got better things to do with our time than to deal with that type. Please do everyone a favor, especially yourself. Read the auction information clearly, then abide by it. We will NEVER object to the return of an item if you are not satisfied with it. We want you to be happy. But, if you carelessly order things, or just order to see, it can get expensive. In every case you will pay the shipping both ways. We are not in business to make the delivery services rich. Have a question? Ask it, then bid knowledgeably. Insurance claims will only be processed for damaged items if reported to us within 7 days in writing. No email.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules. If you find them too rigid, please save us both the hassle. It's our business and our right to run it in a manner we find acceptable. Treat us the way you want to be treated and we'll get along just peachy.


Well, thanks again for your time. Come back again soon.

PS: For those of you with evil intent, we use the federal authorities to monitor attacks, online habits, email activity (the virus's you send) and phone records. Once the warrants are issued, we will prosecute with every means available regardless of the cost. Your legal costs will go thru the roof. The jails are full of your type and not one of them ever believed that they would get caught. Try getting a job and joining the human race.